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At the core of Albrecht Wood Interiors is the belief that quality lasts.  In the modern age of mass production and faster is always better, we would ask, at what cost?  The beautiful buildings of our past continue to offer a level of detail and character that is so-often revered in this day and age.  While those buildings are unique and beautiful in their own right, we believe the quality and craftsmanship that was the impetus for them can still be found today. 

We strive to work with those who share our belief in quality and a job done right and continually demonstrate their commitment to that core value.  Many of our subcontractors have been with us for decades, a testament to our working relationship and their unwavering focus on meeting our, and often times their, rigorous standards.  We are far happier building a small, impeccably built and furnished home than a large empty box that is devoid of life and character.

We often tell our clients from the very start that we will not be the cheapest option they could find in the area, however, we do strive to be the one that will give them the best result at the end.  We operate by the words of Benjamin Franklin who said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”




Albrecht Wood Interiors was founded in 1989 by John Albrecht who brought with him his two brothers, Rick and Scott.  They vowed that quality would be the cornerstone of everything they did, and no matter what it took to do the job right, they would make sure they accomplished that goal.  

John began working in the construction business at the age of 16.  He started by cleaning up job sites and moved up the ladder from framer to trim carpenter and then custom cabinet builder.  He started Albrecht Wood Interiors in 1989 as a custom cabinet and trim shop.  The company quickly grew and began taking on full remodeling projects, acting as the general contractor.  Since that time, Albrecht Wood Interiors has expanded to build full custom homes and continues to act as one of the Dayton area's preeminent remodeling and custom cabinetry contractors. 

Albrecht Wood Interiors has always been a family company, with Rick and Scott still building high-quality cabinetry and furnishing woodwork, the legacy that the company was founded on is still going strong.  In addition to Rick and Scott, the team has grown to include Jeff Groleski, who epitomizes the Albrecht values of quality and craftsmanship after having worked as a trim carpenter for over 39 years; and John’s two sons, Brian and Chris, who were both brought up in the business and bring with them a Master’s degree in Architecture and a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management.

With every member of the team dedicated to the highest quality product from start to finish, the Albrecht team strives to exceed expectations with every project.

Our Team

Our commitment to craftsmanship and quality starts and ends with our team of highly skilled craftsmen, without whom, we could not do what we do.  Their decades of experience and know-how ensure that every job meets our high standards, and provides our clients with one of a kind, unique spaces to enjoy for years to come.

Rick Albrecht

29 Years with Albrecht Wood Interiors
41 Years of Experience


Lead Custom Cabinet Builder, Job Coordinator, Job Estimator, Furniture Builder, & Interior Trim Carpenter


Wood Interiors, Inc.



63 Compark Rd.
Centerville, OH

P. 937.434.9218
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Scott Albrecht

29 Years with Albrecht Wood Interiors
33 Years of Experience


Custom Cabinet Builder, Job Coordinator, Job Estimator, Furniture Builder, Interior Trim Carpenter, and Framing


Jeff Groleski

6 Years with Albrecht Wood Interiors
39 Years of Experience


Custom Cabinet Builder, Furniture Builder, Interior Trim Carpenter, and Framing


Chris Albrecht

14 Years with Albrecht Wood Interiors
14 Years of Experience


Custom Cabinet Builder, Interior Trim Carpenter, Furniture Builder, and Framing


Brian Albrecht

16 Years with Albrecht Wood Interiors
16 Years of Experience


Lead Designer, Photo-realistic Renderings & Graphics, Project Manager, Project Estimator


Cathy Miller

3 Years with Albrecht Wood Interiors
27 Years of Experience


Office Manager and Project Organization


John Albrecht

30 Years with Albrecht Wood Interiors
38 Years of Experience


Owner, Project Manager, and Designer