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Our Advantage

What We Value

We hold tight to our values, which we've strengthened over the many decades in business.

Always novel

Never the same thing twice. Making your house as unique as you.

Built for the future

Build it to a higher standard now and it will last generations.

Luxury and glamour

With a humble approach.

We practice responsible bids

We strive to give the most accurate price possible not the price you want to see.

Sole point of contact

Same people for design, construction, and maintenance. Simplicity and eficiency.

Forever finding the right way to finish

We believe in making sure the end product is quality where you can see it—as well as where you can't.

We approach both remodeling and new construction with the same level of rigor and attention to detail. When building a new home, we have the ability to control the products and manner in which each piece of the puzzle comes together to form a stronger end product. When working on an existing home, we firmly believe in leaving things better than we found it. If we see things we can improve upon, we will gladly do so.

When problems or surprises arise, as they always do in remodeling, we will not ask our subcontractors 'what is the cheapest way to fix this' but instead ask 'what is the right way to fix this.' We don't believe in cutting corners to get to the end result quicker; instead we believe in making sure the end product is of quality where you can see it, as well as where you can't.
- Brian Albrecht
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Our Mission

Design and build quality, unique spaces that our clients—and those after them—can enjoy and appreciate.


  • Custom Homes
  • Remodeling
  • Custom Cabinetry and Woodwork
  • Design Services
  • Home Maintenance
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The Albrecht team has a gift for converting a homeowner’s rough vision into a complete design. Specifically, John is a brilliant designer/artist and could build a business on this strength alone. His ability to take the footprint and constraints of an area in a pre-existing home and detail out how a project can totally transform that space is a true differentiator for the company. In short, because Albrecht’s can design exceptionally well and build equally well, getting a project launched is far easier for the homeowner and the quality of the project is much higher than it would be if the project were managed through two separate design and build outfits.
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We have had the privilege of working with Albrecht Wood Interiors for over 20 years. Albrecht Wood Interiors is a professional building company that takes pride in providing personal services to its customers through attention to detail and quality construction. John and the crew are always willing to accept a challenge. They are of the highest integrity that cares about the projects they are involved in. We always look forward to working with the Albrecht team
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I just wanted you to know that you all have been just wonderful to work with. You are all so kind, professional, and you do what you say you are going to do. Of course, the exceptional work product is outstanding as well. A company like Albrecht is very much appreciated and will be highly recommended! Thank you so much!
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The company seems to thrive on the partnerships it’s built with a short list of talented subs. They all work together seamlessly with Albrecht Custom Homes and each other and do not pass the buck when issues come up. Again, this translates into efficiency for the homeowner who just wants the project to go well. Almost all of the subs are the owner of their business and are also active on the job. They solve problems as if they were their own problems and they are a pleasure to have in your home.
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We love the set up we have going on and how we really like that Albrecht went to doing maintenance. I think it will help to pay more attention to the little details such as dirty grout, caulking and loose doors. Thanks for what you all do to make my job easier and making this house look great and run smoothly!
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We have done several projects with Albrecht Wood Interiors and are delighted with the results.  John and his craftsmen are hardworking and dedicated to detail. They were also involved in the design process including the use of detailed and realistic renderings to envision the completed projects.

We highly recommend them for all construction and remodeling projects. They are honest, reliable and knowledgeable. We look forward to our next project which is remodeling the deck and creating outdoor living space.
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